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A35AY QSL via Buro

Log has been uploaded on GlobalQSL server. You will be able to receive A35AY QSL via your buro as usual.  Log will be uploaded on LoTW soon when I receive certificate for A35AY.

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A35AY Daily Topics

A35AY has been operated during Feb 3, 2011 21:00z and Feb 9, 2011 05:00z.
3800 QSOs has been logged (including many dupes) on 7/10/14/18/21/24/28 CW and 14/18/21/28 RTTY.

Fafa Island Resort is very nice for DX Vacation. Staff are very kind and helpful. They know HAM radio very well. They have 13 Fale (Bungarow). As this is just in off-season there were only a few family during my stay. I had almost private beach. They say the best season (for non-HAM) will be in September.
I had very strong wind almost every day. I used 4 rope to support fishing pole. You must take care to support Antenna.

As Internet connection was not available this page could not be updated. Following are daily topics.

Log has been uploaded on OnlineLog . Check your QSOs on OnlineLog. If you find any problem then please let me know.
Log will be uploaded on LoTW when these check will be done. I will QSL for ALL QSOs via buro (GlobalQSL) as usuall. If you need direct QSL then please send me SASE.
I think I answered all even if it was dupe. I know who has been logged 2 or 3 QSOs on same band/mode though...

You may be interested in my Antenna.
About 7.5m wire is wounded on 6.3m long fishing pole. This wire is directly connected to Antenna input of Z11 Pro ATU. 2.5m long radial wires (x80) and 5m long radial wires (x4) are layed down on the ground (beach). These radials are connected to earth input of Z11 Pro ATU. 40m long coax cable is connected between output of Z11 Pro ATU and Transceiver (via power meter). In my case 30m long coax is good enough though.
Z11 Pro ATU makes good match for all bands except 1.8/3.5. 7.5m long element is too short for these bands. Band change is very easy. You need to transmit 1 or 2 seconds.
At high tide water come in about 2m or so to Antenna pole. The beach is perfectly open for East-North-West.
You may say "That works well ?"  Yes it works very well on all bands. As you heard me my sigs was not strong but you heard me. Believe me I worked almost 3800 QSOs with this simple Antennas and 100w power.

Interesting pictures....

Day tour guest arrived
Sunrise at Fafa Island
My Fale and painting
Guest in my Fale
Sunset at Fafa Iskand

In the darkness I arrived Fafa Island Resort at 20:30. A lots of stars in dark sky. It took almost 30 Hours from my home in Tokyo....very tired !!!

With only some small lights in Fale I could not unpack my bags.
I found main electricty (240V) was not alive this time.  Everything tomorrow....

I got up at 06:30. OK it was sunny this morning. Although 240V has not been allive I begun to unpack bags and setup Eagle with PC and Antenna.

Manager said "Is this Antenna ?  It is too small !"
I supposed previously stayed HAM used much bigger Antennas.

At 08:30 I finished all setup without 240V.
I walked to restraunt and took breckfast. I asked manager to provide 240V quickly.
I founf another problem.....My laptop could not be connected to internet.....OH well !!!

When I was back in Fale 240V was allive !!!  All seemd to work OK except Eagle. Again Eagle was poor for RFI. I must reduce TX power down to 50 watts. I replaced Eagle to FT-857. OK it workd as usuall.

At 10:00 A35AY started on 17 meter CW after checking higher bands. 17 meter has been good with almost 420 QSOs. JA, NA, SA, VK/ZL has been logged for 4.5 hours.
At 14;30 after some QRX I changed to 20 meter and worked 160 QSOs, AS, VK/ZL, EU.

At 21:30 after dinner I canged to 30 meter. AS, EU has been logged. 30 meter seemed OK for EU too.
At 22:00 240V suddenly turned OFF !!!  I had no idea to ask manager at this time....Everything tomorrow !!!   This is real world in small island in Tonga.  Sorry for my sudden QRT.  I had no way to announce this QRT !!!

Logged about 630 QSOs on 15/17/20/30 meter CW today though....

It was my 67th birthday !!!  At 07:30 240V was ON. I asked manager to turn 240V ON and keep allive as long as possible.
It was bad above 15 meter. 17 meter was good in day time followed by 20 meter. 30 meter was good in late eveing.
Resort manager kindly provided "special" 240V today. It worked 24 hours !

Special 240V Line from somewhere !!!

WX was very bad today with rain and strong wind.
I started on 15 meter followd by 12 meter and 10 meter. 15/12 meter opened for both JA and NA/SA. 10 meter opened only for JA.
Fortunately I did not notice any man-made noise on each Band. Both big and QRP sigs could be easily heard. I have worked many QRP stations on each Band.
My simple antenna (7.5m wire on fishing pole with Z11 Pro ATU, a lots of short radials on the beach) has worked very well on each Band. It was very easy to change Band, simply trarnsmitting QRP carrier.

WX was sunny again with wind, not bad.
I tried 30 meter in mid-night and worked many EU, NA and JA. In the morning I operated RTTY on 17 meter, my first attempt. I worked about 130 QSOs, mostly W but some XE and YV.
In the afternoon condx was poor, no opening. In the late evening after dinner I tried 30 meter again. Condx was very good for all over the world. I worked many EU, NA and JA.

Condx was poor on high bands in the morning. I worked RTTY on 10/15/20 meter with not many QSOs.
In the evening after dinner I tried 40 meter. 40 meter opened NA, JA and EU at same time. I have operated all bands except 80 meter with total 3400 QSO. This was my record !!!

This was the last day for A35AY.
Thanks to all staffs in the resort I enjoyed A35AY operation very much with unexpected result. Finally 24 hours operation was possible.
I decided to check Eagle again today,

Bad sidetone click noise by RFI can be noticed remarkably on 10 meter. It seemed almost OK on other bands. I workd a lots of NA and JA on 17/15/12 meter CW with Eagke. I found no serious problem except side tone click on 10 meter. Strong sigs and weak sigs can be heard as it is. It is just like "AGC OFF" I could pick up each sigs very easily. When I received a few stations calling me on almost same freqyuency sometimes noticed a little distortion. I do not know what it was.

At 18:00 (05:00z) A35AY closed. I made about 3800 QSOs (including many dupes as usuall) during this vacation. It was my new record.
Internet connection was not available with my laptop computer. I do not know why but I could not connect to wireless Lan in the resort.

I enjoyed last night in Fafa Island, looking satisfied !!!

I left Fafa Island at 16:30 for international air port in Tongatapu Island. It took almost 1 hour by boat and car. I arrived at Auchland in the late evening and stayed at Holiday-Inn Auckland Airport for one night.

A35AY OnLine Log uploaded

Log has been uploaded.
If you have any problem then please let me know.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A35AY now QRT

Just arrived Auckland this evening.
I have never uploaded this page during vacation because I could not access to wireless LAN in the resort.
I will upload daily topics and summary when I am back in home.
OnlineLog will be uploaded when I am back in home tomorrow night. Check your QSO. If you finde any problem then please let me know.
Log will be uploaded on LoTW when these check will be done.