Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Transceiver for DX Vacation

TS-480HX arrived. It is expected as primary radio in next DX Vacation.
It is very small but much easier to use. 200w output will be available with 40A DC power supply.
I am investigating proper DC power supply. It must be small, light and reliable..

TS-480HX 200w output 3.7Kg
Eagle 100w output 3.3Kg
K2     100w output 2.6Kg
FT-857 100w output 2.1Kg

(KX3 10w output  <1Kg   need any amp for over 100w)

I have no reason to chose KX3 at present time. Elecraft have not announced yet about details of 100w amp

Saturday, March 24, 2012

3D2YA updated

Summary (2)

Continent by Band chart

Log upload to LoTW
Log will be uploaded at the end of this month. If you have any question with your QSO please let me know.

Log has been uploaded on LoTW server. 2012/3/30

Buro QSL
Log will be sent to GlobalQSL at the end of this month. It may take 1 to 2 year for you to receive QSL from your Buro. You need not send QSL to me via Buro.

Log and QSL image has been sent to GlobalQSL. 2012/3/30

Direct QSL
If you need quick QSL then please send me SASE.

Transceiver and Antenna

Operation desk

Random wire with radials and ATU

Bravo-5 worked well on all Band (20m - 10m) except one issue.
20m resonance frequency moved about 1MHz lower during hot day time.

Interesting pictures

Transfer boat

from Yangeta Island by mini-boat

Sunrise at Yangeta Island

another happy time

Bravo-5 coil/relay box

view from operation desk

view from beach

Miss "Cat" in the village

Farewell party

Thursday, March 22, 2012

3D2YA updated

Summary (1)

3D2YA OC-156 QRV started at 0340 Mar 15 and ended at 0350 Mar 21 (UTC)
I just returned to Nadi this evening.
It was impossible to upload online Log because of poor internet connectivity.
Final Log has been uploaded on ClubLog server. If you are interested in your QSO  then please check. If you have any question give me a email.
Summay charts attached below.

Worked 5003 QSOs including some dupe QSOs. This is my new record !
Band opened for NA and AS on high Bands during day time. However I had very limited open for EU in the evening on 17m/20m and in early morining on 20m.
More details with interesting pictures will be uploaded on this page when I return home. See you again next time from somewhre in South Pacific.
aki  3D2YA, Ja1nlx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3D2YA in Nadi

Just arrived at Nadi this morning. I have no plan to be on the air here.
I will leave Nadi tomorrow morning and arrive at Yangeta Island in early afternoon.

aki  3D2YA in Nadi

Thursday, March 1, 2012

3D2YA from OC-156 in 20112 Update

Schedule etc  (Time below is in Local time  Fiji time=UTC+12 hours)

3/13 13:55 Depart from Tokyo to Nadi via Seoul
3/14 08:20 Arrive at Nadi. One night stay in Nadi. NO QRV planned.
3/15 12:30 Arrive at Yangeta Island. Start 3D2YA from IOTA OC-156 at aroud 15:00.

Freq for CW: 7015, 10.115, 14035, 18085, 21035, 24895 and 28035KHz.
Freq for RTTY: 10140, 14.085, 18110, 21085, 24915 and 28085KHz
Freq for SSB: 14260, 18128, 21260, 24920 and 28460KHz

Transceiver: FT-857 100w
Antenna: Bravo-5 vertical Diploe by N6BT for 20-10m and random wire with ATU for 40/30m.

I operate mainly CW.  QRV on 80m/160m NO planned
I have daily schedule with my friend, 3D2ER Raj at 19:00-19:15 (07:00-07:15z) on 7015KHz CW. Please QRX for a while during this time.

3/21 17:00 QRT
3/22 17:45 Arrive at Nadi. One night stay in Nadi. NO QRV planned.
3/23 09:55 Depart from Nadi to Tokyo via Seoul.
3/23 20:45 Arrive at Tokyo

I have NO internet connection in the room.
e-mail check, daily Log upload and daily topics upload may be possible in reception room every morninig

I send QSL via buro (from GlobalQSL) for ALL QSOs. You need not always send your QSL via buro.
Log will be uploaded daily on CuluLog server (if possible) and uploaded on LoTW server when I return home.
Direct QSL request will be welcomed with SASE ($2.00 or 1 IRC). I will send back QSL in a few days after I receive.

I hope to see you very soon from beautiful island, OC-156.