Friday, January 28, 2011

A35AY Packing

I will depart after a few days.
Very busy to pack all stuffs under weight limitations.
The fright between Tokyo and Tonga via Auclkland will be by New Zealand Air.
They say that claimed luggage should be under 23Kg and cabin luggage should be under 7Kg.
Extra luggage are allowed for fishing pole and PC.

This is Eagle, FT-857 and Z11 Pro ATU as cabin luggae. It is about 6.6Kg !

This is personal computer as extra cabin luggage. It is under 2Kg.

These are Power supply, a lots of wires for radials, tools, battery, coax cable (max 60m), 5.4m fishing pole etc etc as claimed luggage. Total weight may be 22.5Kg including suite case and clothes etc.
I will take another 6.3m fishing pole as extra claimed luggage.

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