Wednesday, July 20, 2011

JA1NLX/VK4 from OC-187 updated

Propagation forecast in August by VOACAP online says that the window may open ........

For EU
05z - 07z on 14MHz, 08z - 10z on 21MHz, 10z - 12z on 18MHz, 14z - 16z on 14MHz and 21z - 23z on 14MHz

For NA
00z - 06z on 21MHz, 04z - 08z on 18MHz and 06z - 13z on 14MHz

This is my operating plan at present time. As you know KU2F/VK4 is now active from OC-187.
He says that best time/freq is 21z - 23z on 14MHz for EU and 11z - 13z on 14MHz for NA.

Anyway your suggestion and advice will be very much appreciated.
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Please do not send me direct e-mail or request message on DX spot during vacation because
I can not read anything online.   Stay tuned.....


  1. Hi Aki!

    I think that your frequency schedule is good for EU.

    73, Andy

  2. Hello!
    Long path usually works with S9-signals around
    05-07Z on 20 mtrs.
    Northern Scandinavia has no chance 21-23Z
    KU2F was VERY weak at that time.
    Hope to work You!
    Tom SM3DMP

  3. Hi Tom

    Thanks for good suggestion.
    I will add "05-07z on 14MHz for EU" in my list.
    Hope to see you !