Saturday, August 27, 2011

JA1NLX/VK4 from OC-187 Story

This is a story of JA1NLX/VK4 OC-187

Arrived at Lizard Island Resort at 1200 Local time (GMT+10H) after 21H trip.

My room is located at at 30m high above beach. There are a lots of bush and trees between my room and beach. I decided to set up antenna at balcony. Vertical element is about 6m long wire wounded on fishing pole. 2.5m x 80 radials are raid on balcony flore. I have good match with Z11 Pro ATU. This is my Antenna and Transceiver etc with local beer.

QRV started at about 1400. As I was tired with long trip I worked only 100 QSOs today. Everything tomorrow.

It is Winter season here in Australia. Weather is very good with sun shine and low humidity everyday.

In the morning Band opened for NA and JA on 21MHz. In the afternoon 24MHz was good for JA and EU.
In the early evening I enjoyd many QSOs with JA and EU on 18MHz.

In the morining Band opend for JA and NA on 21MHz. In the afternoon I enjoyed QSOs with JAs on 28/24MHz and some EUs on 24MHz. In the early evening I worked JAs and some EUs/NAs on 14MHz. 2230 was best for East coast of NA.

Condx was very poor in the morning. I worked almost nothing. In the afternoon I worked some NAs and EUs on 14/18MHz. In the early evening I tried 10MHz and worked almost JAs. After that QSYed to 14MHz and worked some EUs.

I will QRT in the early evennig today and pack all my stuffs in bugs for tomorrow morning departure.
I added some more QSOs with NA on 18MHz and EU on 14MHz. Condx was not good for these area though.
Total QSOs 1500, including 200 with EUs and 100 with NAs. I tried SSB and RTTY a few times with no luck.

This is dinner with friend, Bill and his wife.

This is very friendly resort for HAM. I enjoyed very much thanks to thier great support.
As I said before there were a lots of bush and trees, They cut down a few trees for me to see great sunset from balcony this morning. Great serivece !!!

Generally speaking Eagle Transveiver and Random wire antenna worked very well. I had no RFI problem evenif ATU matching was stable.
I know quite well that my sigs is not strong. I apprecite your patience. For me it was not easy to pick up your sigs too. The sigs from EU and NA were weak with QSB. I did my best to pick up you.

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