Saturday, December 31, 2011

No more Elecraft radio

Elecraft does not allow us to order their product directly because they only distribute via Japanese distributor.  I have owned Elecraft radios, K1, KX1, K2 and K3 and I payed a lot.

Elecraft announced they accept KX3 order and our distributor also announced. Look at following price list for KX3 Kit (with no option).

Elecraft says: $899.95  This will be about 80 Yen x 899.95 = 72,000 Yen
Our distributor says: 132,200 Yen

As I have TS-590 and K3 so for me KX3 is not base radio but DX vacation radio. KX3 need external AMP to get 100w.
As I have FT-857, K2 and Eagle which all run 100w so KX3 is not attractive at all.

If I want to replace these radios for DX vacation in near feature then I will look for a way to buy directly (not via our distributor)


Great news from Elecraft....."Elecraft now sell direct to JA"

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