Tuesday, July 3, 2012

JA1NLX/VK4 in 2012

I am planning to operate JA1NLX/VK4 from a island of Great Barrier Reef area, maybe Hamilton Island, IOTA OC-160.  Details not fixed yet.

Schedule: mid October, 2012  (TBD)
Band/Mode: 40-10m CW/SSB
Transceiver: TBD
Antenna: Random wire on fishing rod and radials laid on balcony floor with ATU.

Important note....
I am thinking to change my QSL policy. (TBD)
1) Log is uploaded on LoTW as soon as I return home.
2) I do not send/receive any Buro QSL any more.
3) If you really need my paper QSL then choose either way.
 a. Send me SASE with $2.00 or 1 IRC
 b. Pay $2.00 via PayPal and send me QSO data and mailing address by e-mail.
4) I do not accept eQSL.

Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks


  1. Hi, Just a comment on the QSL policy change.

    If you do change it, update your qrz.com page. :-)

    No problem with your preference, QSL'ing is a personal choice but it's good to let people know so they can do the right thing.


  2. Hi Chris

    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes off course I will do that when policy is fixed.

    aki ja1nlx