Sunday, October 14, 2012

JA1NLX/VK4 from OC-160

Ready to go.....

Another important paper work is to make propagation prediction table referring VOACAP chart.
It tells me good Band and time for each direction. Opening for EU looks very limited and only good on higher Bands. I will do my best to work EU as many as possible. Opening for west coast looks very good but poor for east coast.

Internet connection may be available in my room. It means that I can check DX spot and email easily in real time. I will post daily topics on this page everyday if possible.

I will depart on Oct 17 and arrive Hamilton Island in early afternoon on Oct 18. If I have no problem then operation will start in 1 hour or so after arriving. Operation will end at about 1800  on Oct 23.  (Time in Local time)

Please read more in my previous post. Hope to meet you again from OC-160.

aki  ja1nlx

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